I provide this helpful information as there seems to be some confusion as people were clicking on the RSS Feed list on the right side of the screen expecting to subscribe there, which will not work.

   To subscribe to my blog by way of the RSS Feed, do NOT click on the RSS Feed list on the right side column.  That is simply a list of the most current comments for my blog’s RSS Feed.

    To subscribe to the RSS Feed, simply scroll down to the bottom of the article on the home page (or on any article) and click on the word “comments” which is in light gray-scale at the end of the list of tags.  Now you are in the comment section.

     You will see on the right upper corner of the comment section a box to click for “LOGIN” and  the orange “RSS Feed” symbol with a scroll-down arrow next to it.  Simply roll over the RSS Feed symbol and choose by which method you would like to follow my blog comment(s).  You can choose, Google, Facebook, RSS, etc. 

    I hope this helps and was not too confusing.  I thank you all for your support with this blog and hope that it has enlightened, educated or at least made someone think about the pandemic that is AIDS.  It is still a world-wide pandemic with no cure and millions die every year, most from a simple lack of education, unfounded social stigma or most likely a lack of medical care and/or finances.  Please remember this every time you begin to engage in sexual activity:  NO GLOVE, NO LOVE.   


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